When my dad had the age of 24 worked in an auto shop in the city of Veracruz Minatitlan, and my roberto grandfather my mom’s dad had a truck passenger and she at the age of 16 years was with him all weekend to fix the truck to the shop where my dad and there they met and began dating and June 30, 1995 they married and moved in with my grandparents and after that year beginning January 12, 1996 I was born their first child after 3 years of living in Minatitlan we moved to live in Xalapa Veracruz and after coming here my mom was pregnant with my sister Sandy and my dad learned to handle trailers after 7 years of living there my parents bought house in a village called Estanzuela move after my second brother Erick was born and so far we still live here and are very happy.