Jesus Vidal Soto.

Born November 20, 1913 in the city of Veracruz Minatitlan his parents were Vicente vidal and Gerarda Soto both basic education teacher, support for the “Revolution Oil,” and since then oil came back, married Silvia Osorio betanzos in 1965, and died on March 21, 2002 in the city of his birth. White had 4 children, Henry, Antonio and Fernando Vidal Osorio.


Silvia Osorio Betanzos.

Born on 10 March 1941 in the city of Oaxaca Mexico Tlacotepec, his parents were Alberta Betanzos and Raymundo Osorio Guzman, of Indian origin moved to the city of  Minatitlan Veracruz  in 1958 pregnant and exiled from his hometown, gave birth to her first daughter in 1965 Dennis single and married Jesús  Vidal Soto and had 4 more children Blanca, Enrique, Antonio and Fernando Vidal Osorio. He is currently living in Minatitlan Veracruz.

Cleotilde Mundo castilla.

Born on September 3, 1961, in the village “the tropical” Hidalgotitlan Veracruz municipality, born between 8 siblings, his parents were a daughter of Josefina Castilla Spanish Creoles and a farmer Gregorio Hernandez Mundó Mauritius, Roberto Hernandez Baruch married to in 1974 and divorced in 1998. Housewife Yadira had 4 daughters, Irene, and Edith Hernandez Aydee Mundo. He is currently living in Veracruz Cosoleacaque.

Roberto Hernández Baruch.

Born April 18, 1951 in the municipality of Venustiano Carranza Tecolotepec parent ranchers and farmers “and Clara Harris Daniel Baruch. Livestock married Cleotilde Mundo Castilla  in 1974 and divorced in 1998. Yadira had 4 daughters, Irene and Edith Aydee Hernandez Mundo. currently married Martha Salazar and governor Venustiano Carranza in Veracruz IV.